Cocaine Spicy Hot (24 pack)


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Pat Bateman, 06/01/2017

Long time customer, ever since they had "legal alternative" on their cans. I admit their formula has changed recently, which isn't a bad thing. Originally it was just burning hot battery acid flavor, and now its more of a distinct cherry flavor with the atomic fireball hotness. Definitely a great kick though, my go-to energy drink for gaming and long summer days I have to get up early and do a lot of stuff. Still burns the fuck out of your nose and throat and the kick is perfect. Best damn energy drink on the market for every reason.

Reviewed by Shaun M. Rogers, 05/09/2017

Bought two (one Spicy Hot and one Mild) in an effort to try something new and maybe better than the norm. Drank the Spicy Hot and it was the best tasting energy drink I have ever had! This drink is legit!! Wish I would have known the difference between the two, as I would have bought two Spicy Hots!!

Reviewed by Tom, 09/04/2016

Tried it once at a store. It has a great spicy aroma that gives your nostrils a slightly fiery feel. Don't think if you're planning on sleeping - because this thing is going to keep you awake!

Reviewed by cocaine eater fuck i mean sniffer, 08/25/2016

this shit is the shit

Reviewed by Scott, 12/14/2015

Love the "bite"!! Like a red pop with kick. This is my morning coffee and my go to energy drink when I need it most. Thanks Redux as you have a customer for life.

Reviewed by Macy Vontell, 04/28/2015

YES!I ordered this online here Sunday Night, and it came this morning on Tuesday-crazy fast! Anyway, this drink has surpassed my expectations! My partner loves it too-way better than coffee. And let me tell you I like it even better than a lot of things:-)Will be re-ordering soon. Clean,feel good, talkative energy, kind of euphoric-please never change a thing!

Reviewed by Tom Cruise, 09/10/2014

I had the opportunity to try this product while visiting South Florida. It tastes like an oddly flattering combination of Habanero and Bubble Gum. Within minutes of drinking one I was giddy, within a few more I wanted to run, jump, climb buildings, chew through steel. Anything seemed possible. I highly recommend picking up a case.

Reviewed by Trav, 08/13/2014

Awesome energy drink. Way more energy than the redbull. This is my fourth case i have ordered. Customer for life . Thanks Redux

Reviewed by David, 07/14/2014

This is the best energy drink out there. The super spicy taste wakes you up before you even digest the rest of it! It tastes great warm or cold, and it's the perfect size to stick in a backpack or something for when you need a boost to get you through the rest of the day.

Reviewed by Troy, 07/12/2014

One of the best energy drinks on the globe! Great taste with a kick as powerful as a DBZ character.